What goes on your /open page? Every organization is different so what you decide to put on your /open page is up to you.

If you are publishing Open Data already

  • Detailed, non-technical description of Open Data you are publishing
  • Datasets you have open and published
  • License under which you share your data sets (preferably an Open Definition Conformant License like Creative Commons)

If you are considering publishing Open Data

  • Detailed, non-technical description of your datasets and how they can be used already by other organizations and terms under which they can be used.

Ask questions

Whatever else you put on your /open page, be sure to directly ask for input from potential users of your data so that you can learn more about them. You might have a short survey to offer those looking at your datasets, or a link to your contact form so they can send you an email.

Don’t forget your /open Badge!

Help spread the Open Data movement by adding the /open Badge to your /open page!