Open Development Explained: the view from Nairobi by Open for Change

I was glad to come across this video on the new page (mostly in dutch), which does an excellent job of explaining Open Data and “open development” from a Nairobi perspective. The video has excellent visualizations and interviews with Linet Kwamboka of the Kenya ICT Board and Rolf Kleef of Open for Change. I also enjoyed the Nairobi street scenes which made me nostalgic about my childhood days growing up in Nairobi and the scenes shot in Nailab, a tech incubator in Nairobi.

Open Development Explained from Open for Change on Vimeo.

A short video defining “Open Development” and explaining its potential, with a focus on Open Data.

There are many new ways to let citizens, organisations, governments and companies work together, and share knowledge and information using internet and mobiles, to help solve some of our biggest problems.

How do we make the data and information meaningful for the groups we want to empower with these new tools? How do we create new services, new business models, and new ways of campaigning? How do we safeguard the security of vulnerable people? Is “open development” effective, and efficient?

Storyline: Open For Change -
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