What should be included in /open?

Data is everywhere. From a company site to a city tourism website. Every web contains loads of data that could be used for analysis and visualization. However, in most cases the data is hidden or wrapped around other information.

Just when open data is becoming large, there is a need of some guidelines to include it into the website. Slashopen initiative is moving a step forward in doing this. It believes /open should be in every single website, just as /about or /home are. This kind of defacto subsites, make accesibility better and  /open could be another.

But…what should be included in this /open? In my honest opinion, two things. First, some description of what kind of data you are publishing in comprehensive words and easy to understand for everybody, nothing technical or too much specialized.¬†Second, the datasets you have open and published.

And what if you own a website and you haven’t had the chance to start releasing datasets published? Then I think you need to write something short and easy to understand what people can do with your website data, even if there are no datasets. Is it possible to scrape that data? Can a third party reuse your website data? These kind of questions should be clearly answered. Something like what should be written in your terms and conditions.

Having this information easy to find will make a stable framework for others play around with website data and indeed website owners will benefit from it.

And now, what do YOU think it should be included in /open?